Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi cosmetic and plastic surgery specialist, is one of the highest ranks in the plastic surgery specialized board and one of the official members of plastic surgeons in Iran. The desire for beauty is one of the most chronic needs in human society and therefore a lot of techniques have been developed since to fill that need, and all of them are resumed in plastic surgery science. Some of the most important services of Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi one of the best plastic surgeons in Tehran that we can point out are :
Nose surgeries: Rhinoplasty, deviated nose surgery, and revision rhinoplasty
Cosmetic eyelid surgeries: upper eyelid blepharoplasty and lower eyelid blepharoplasty
Ear surgery _ otoplasty
Face rejuvenation: filler injection, fat injection, gel injection and botox injection
Breast surgeries: breast implant, mammoplasty, breast lift
Belly cosmetic surgery _ abdominoplasty
Chin implant
Lipomatic surgery


Fat injection

If you want a permanent natural procedure to add volume to your face and make it look younger certainly fat injection is the best choice for you. Because the fat which they use in this procedure comes from your own body fat injection can have no harm to your body if you do it. Also, this cosmetic procedure is the best way to make your body and face look good and correct the misshapes of them with no harm.


Overall this surgery is done to make your ears smaller and improve the form and the size of it for good. This procedure has no effects on your hearing and just changes the ear's size and shape. People whose ears are not symmetrical with their heads or with each other are the best candidates of all for this surgery. It suggested that you do this cosmetic surgery at a young age like your childhood.


Eyes are the most effective factors in the beauty and succulence of your face which can make you look older if they get elliptic or have wrinkles on the sides. Fortunately, with blepharoplasty which is an outpatient procedure, you can fix the weakness of the upper eyelid skin and the puffiness under the eyes together in the shortest time possible. By the way, this surgery is simple and has a short recovery time.


No doubt that a nose job is the most famous cosmetic surgery among people. although this procedure gets done for different purposes, at the end of the day it can improve your overall appearance. That’s what makes this surgery popular and it not only makes you look better but can help your nose with its performance.


One of the best ways to get rid of extra body fat is lipomatic which can help you reach your dream physique in a short period. That’s the reason which makes this kind of surgery famous among people. this procedure can be done for different parts of the body and that’s one of the most important benefits of diplomacy.


One of the other plastic surgeries for making the breast look younger and beautiful is mammoplasty which is a procedure to make breasts smaller and fix the loose skin in breasts that are too big and fix their hugeness. It also improves the form and shape of the breasts and lifts them if needed. This surgery can be done with many techniques, and all of these benefits make it one of the most popular plastic surgeries of all.

Breast lift

This surgery is a frequent and great choice for women with problems like breasts with weak skin, breast loss, and others which are for reasons like aging, childbirth, tissue hardening, or gaining or losing weight. This surgery can fix all these problems without changing the volume and size of the breasts and just make them look better and more beautiful.

Breast implant

Among all surgeries in plastic surgeries breast implant is the one that can add volume to breasts and make them bigger to make your body look more attractive. All of the women love this procedure because it can increase their level of confidence and help them to look beautiful. These implants have different materials and sizes which you can choose from depending on your needs and favors.


Which is the best model for rhinoplasty?

What you have to keep in mind, dear readers, is that there is no such thing as the best model for a nose cosmetic surgery. This is because facial anatomy and the type of nose vary from person to person, and as a result, the best model is determined based on each individual’s face.”

Can you have a delivery after an abdominoplasty?

Yes, abdominal plastic surgery does not impose any restrictions on pregnancy, but it is important to note that getting pregnant can impact the results of the procedure. That’s why it is better to consider having this surgery after childbirth.

Is blepharoplasty effective on your vision?

Yes, in cases where there is severe drooping of the eyelid and it has caused disturbances in vision and visual perception, undergoing eyelid surgery can improve this problem.

Is a breast lift done in a mammoplasty procedure?

Yes, in mammoplasty, in addition to reducing the size of the breasts, a lift operation is also performed.

What is the best way for skin rejuvenation?

There are many methods for skin rejuvenation, and the best method should be recommended based on the goals and condition of the patient.

A person’s appearance is one of the most important factors in his or her life and can affect lots of things like personality or confidence in that person. Overall people with more beauty are more attractive and can attract more attention to themselves in society. Although first thing to make clear about beauty is that’s not a constant factor and can be different in any person’s eye, but the thing is some features can be beautiful in the majority of eyes. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry too much about it but it’s still important.
In some cases, beauty is a need and someone can make a mistake in his/her face or body and their own opinion. For example, some people get injured in an incident and that can be a problem that needs to be fixed, or in some cases, there is a congenital or genetic abnormality that takes away your beauty and you can fix it with plastic surgeries. of course, there is no need for surgery until you feel and decide to do it and it bothers you in society and decreases your confidence. On the other hand, Some other people may feel like it’s going to be great if they make some changes in their appearance and they still get to decide by themselves for their good. In the end, the most important point about these surgeries is that they need to be for your satisfaction and not by others’ decision or comment about you.
As you may know, cosmetic and plastic surgeries can be done in the face or other parts of the body and they have different types. Every one of them is for a specific purpose and can fill someone’s needs. Some plastic surgeries are more famous than others and most people want to do them. Some people may get these procedures wrong and do them with no purpose and reason or follow some wrong idle and person, which will end up in the loss of themselves and they will end up being depressed and having mental problems or in some cases more serious problems.
From these surgeries, we can name procedures like nose job and revision rhinoplasty which are the most famous surgeries of all in the face. Also, we have procedures like breast lift and breast implant which makes your body more beautiful, and options like abdominoplasty which can make you fit and attractive without destroying your body’s extra fat. On the other hand, some of these plastic surgeries have medical purposes like deviated nose surgery, otoplasty, and blepharoplasty which helped thousands of people with their lives. At the end of the day, one of the most important things about cosmetic and plastic surgeries is that they all work and will have a pleasant result if they get done by a great, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi.

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