Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi cosmetic and plastic surgery specialist, is one of the highest ranks in the plastic surgery specialized board and one of the official members of plastic surgeons in Iran. The desire for beauty is one of the most chronic needs in human society and therefore a lot of techniques have been developed since to fill that need, and all of them are resumed in plastic surgery science. Some of the most important services of Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi one of the best plastic surgeons in Tehran that we can point out are :
Nose surgeries: Rhinoplasty, deviated nose surgery, and revision rhinoplasty
Cosmetic eyelid surgeries: upper eyelid blepharoplasty and lower eyelid blepharoplasty
Ear surgery _ otoplasty
Face rejuvenation: filler injection, fat injection, gel injection and botox injection
Breast surgeries: breast implant, mammoplasty, breast lift
Belly cosmetic surgery _ abdominoplasty
Chin implant
Lipomatic surgery